My name is Scott Bain Judge. Digital marketing expert.

Scott Bain Judge, who was born and raised in Chicago, studied at DePaul University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree with distinction in Professional Broadcasting.

Welcome to Bain Digital, a brainchild of Senior Marketing Consultant & Content Writer Scott Bain Judge.

About Me

The marketing space is crowded with thousands of companies claiming to help businesses grow. You must have come across thousands of articles titled “10 best tips for…something”. Business owners find it difficult to decide where to start. 

Scott Bain Judge, the founder, and CEO of Bain Digital has years of experience building successful businesses for his clients. He is intuitive, articulates, and works on the client’s level. Working with Bain Digital allows you to discuss strategy, bounce ideas off, and develop the confidence to rely on our recommendations and do what we say.

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Meet Scott Bain Judge

Scott Bain Judge is a seasoned marketing consultant and CEO of Bain Digital. He is a fan of photography, technology, and traveling. But he is renowned for his services to multiple medium to large enterprises. His passion for VR, AR, IR, Block chain technology, NFTs, and the Metaverse has earned him a trusted name. His experience in Video production, directing and editing is another plus. 

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